Crafts for Mother’s Day – easy card making ideas

Looking for the perfect way to say ‘happy mother’s day’?  A hand crafted bespoke mother’s day card is the perfect way to celebrate that special, unique mum.

Mother’s Day Card craft ideas

Let your imagination run wild to truly create the perfect card for your mum on this special day.  What are her favourite colours, hobbies or interests?  We love this idea below, a green heart – for the recipients favourite colour and a pretty overlaid bird in a bird cage;

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Bird in Cage:×11-5cm-sizzix-die-cut-3-pieces-parrot-canary-budgerigar-card/

Mum Lettering×7-5cm-word-crosscut-colour-mothers-day-mom-card-making-crafts/ 

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Doodle Bug 

Die-cuts for easy to make card crafts

Die cut shapes are the ideal solution to easy card crafting.  With a large selection of pre-cut shapes you can make the perfect card without all the effort.  Simply select the shape for your cardcraft project, choose your favourite colour and we can make and deliver ready for you to use.

Our favourite mother’s day die-cuts

We’ve taken a few of our favourite die-cuts, ideal for your mother’s day card and crafts projects to inspire you to make your mum a truly unique card this mother’s day.

‘Mum lettering’

Starting with the basics! Our pre-cut ‘MUM’ lettering is the perfect place to start making your mother’s day card, as with all our die-cuts, available in any colour

You can find it here >>×7-5cm-word-crosscut-colour-mothers-day-mom-card-making-crafts/ 

Trailing Ivy

We love this whimsical flora, ideal for trailing around the edge of your card creation;

Say it with flowers

Whose mum doesn’t like flowers?  How about a patch of spring daffodils to brighten up her mother’s day card?

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Show your mum some love with a heart

From large to small, to all in between, we’ve a great selection of different heart shapes to add to your mother’s day craft project.  Here’s a few of our favourite hearts.

Single large heart>> 

String of hearts, border

Tipsy Hearts

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Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Don’t forget, card and craft making for kids just got even easier.  Die-cuts are ideal to help little ones create with only the limit of their imagination.  Helping little ones who aren’t quite ready for scissors or for those who just have even bigger imaginations create a really special mother’s day craft project.

We hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration to start making the perfect mother’s day craft project. Whatever you choose, making a unique mother’s day card is the perfect way to show your mum just how much she means to you and just how special she is.  Don’t forget to share with us your craft projects, we’d love to see them!

8 DIY Birthday Card Ideas from our Crafting Experts

Looking for inspiration to create a DIY birthday card that is truly unique, or just looking for some ideas for your next crafty project.  Here we pick our favourite Birthday card ideas using card craft.

Idea 1 / 8, Birthday Cake Card

Patch Corner’s very own crafty queens are responsible for this yummy looking birthday cake themed card, topped with candles!

Simply add delicious looking icing covering – choose from over 30 colours and top with as many birthday candles as you feel appropriate, or not if your recipient would rather not share how old they are!


You can shop the birthday cake card set online.

Idea 2 / 8, Birthday Party card with cake, balloons & all the bells

Excuse our pun, we love this idea from our very own crafty queen expert using bells, amongst other creative birthday ideas.

Layering on from the birthday cake with bells, birds, a dragonfly and balloons in a mixture of colours makes for a truly unique and special birthday card for that special someone.  The only limit is your imagination!

To see more balloons and birthday celebration die-cut shapes check out our website:  

Idea 3 / 8 Layered flowers for a floral birthday punch

You can’t really go wrong with flowers, and we love how layering up the flower shapes create a stunning 3D effect floral display.  Be as brave or as minimalist as you like – whether a handful or a fully covered flower card effect, we’re sure the recipient will love their birthday bouquet.

Find a full range of ready-to-order flower shapes online now, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’re happy to make a bespoke shape for you.

Link to flowers: 

Link to

Idea 4 / 8 Easy Peasy Lollipop Sprinkles DIY Birthday card

Who doesn’t LOVE lollipops, particularly those with rainbow sprinkles.  We love this super cute and crafty idea from the craft queens over at tikkido.  Paper lollipops covered in rainbow sprinkles glued to a card base for.  The perfect birthday card for the inner child in all of us.

Idea 5 / 8 – A Tweeting lovely idea, birdcage card

Another one from our very own crafting queens, combining this pretty bird and birdcage, bows, presents on top of a heart base, we love their creativity.

We personally adore the fresh blue/green combo, but if this doesn’t quite hit the spot, don’t forget we have over 30 different colours available so you can pick the perfect colour for your project.

Links to products:


Bird in Birdcage:


Idea 6 / 8 – Bike & Basket Birthday Card

Perhaps the recipient of your card is an outdoorsy-sort.  We’re sure they’ll love this birthday card with bike, basket & doodle bug layered over a pretty floral pattern.  Perhaps orange tones aren’t quite what you’re looking for – remember we can make any shape in a range of over 30 colours.

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Idea 7 / 8 – The numerical birthday card

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and ideal for birthday boys and girls from 1 to 101.  Just make sure you get their age right!

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Badge Shield:×7-5cm-award-rosette-prize-prefect-1st-2nd-3rd/


8 / 8 – Dancing Teddy Ballerina Bear Birthday Wishes

Perfect for any boy or girl, who love their ballet, or their teddies, but don’t worry, we have plenty of other bears to choose from.

Product Links

We hope you’ve enjoyed our birthday card inspiration to make your own DIY birthday cards.  Using die-cut shapes are the perfect way to create beautiful craft projects from birthday cards to childrens’ craft.   Don’t forget, if you have an idea for a project and you can’t see the shape you’re looking for, just let us know and we can make it bespoke for you.